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Board Materials

All vertical and horizontal surfaces in our closet systems (with the exception of counter top surfaces) are constructed of top quality, industrial grade, thermos-fused, melamine laminated particle board. This board is ¾” thick, no 5/8” board is used as is the custom with some competitors. Thermally fused melamine is not to be confused with other products such as cold rolled melamine, vinyl, other papers or foils that do not provide the significantly superior durability and clean ability of thermos-fused melamine. Our board meets or exceeds specifications of the American Laminators Association and American National Standard ANSI A208.0-1989, Grade 1-M-3. There is no better melamine laminated particle board available anywhere. Counter tops and work surfaces are typically constructed of either 3/4” or 1” thick melamine laminated particle board. A wide variety of HPL (high pressure laminate) surfaces are available, as are tops from solid surface materials, marble or granite.

Edge Banding

Our standard edge banding is 2mm thick, not the typical .018” edge used by most closet companies. Visible, exposed edges are banded permanently with 2mm thick PVC edge banding. The edge is permanently glued on and applied under pressure on a state of the art automatic edge banding machine. We do not employ T-molding or other types of edging that do not meet the superior performance characteristics of 2mm thick banding.


All of our wood products are custom built to specification on computer controlled (NC) machinery assuring square cuts for level and plumb closets. Edge banding is done on high speed automatic edgebanding machines with dual radius capability as well as automatic scraping and buffing units to ensure a perfectly finished edge. Drilling, line boring, grooving, routing and construction boring operations are also completed by NC machines resulting in precision parts for the best possible alignment.

Assembly Hardware

Our systems are not screwed together, but rather constructed utilizing the latest in European 32 millimeter hardware. The cabinets are joined with cam type “ready to assemble” furniture fittings. Each fitting is comprised of both a male and a female fitting which lock together to provided the tightest joints possible. An advantage to this type of construction is that the units can be dis-assembled at some future time, moved and reassembled with no loss of structural integrity. Shelf pins are plated steel are our standard hanging rods which are round in shape. The round shape of the hang rod provides superior strength and the support brackets are also plated steel. Like most of our hardware, these brackets are easily adjustable. Our standard drawer slides are steel, full extension, ball bearing type. Slides for closet drawers are rated at 70 pound capacity while file drawer slides are rated at 100 pounds.


Our standard systems are floor mounted. The weight of the systems and the clothes that you place in them is borne by the floor. The systems are attached to the wall with plated “L” brackets so they cannot be pulled forward, away from the wall. Wall mounted systems (or sections) can be provided when required to address specific structural issues or, if the client prefers, we do offer wall mounted systems.

Charlottesville Closets

Charlottesville Closets offers Closet Design and Storage solutions to the Central Virginia area. We serve Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, Roanoke, and surrounding Virginia areas. From traditional reach in closets to master closets with Crown Molding and Center Islands, we offer solutions for every space. Murphy Beds, Garage storage, Mudroom – we guaranty the highest quality and the best installed price.