Organization Ideas For Small Closets

Custom closet systems will make your small closet more organized and seem larger.

They say size doesn’t matter but when it comes to closets I think we all know it does. Many central Virginia homeowners are not blessed with giant closets in their homes and need to make limited storage space the most functional and efficient it can be. We asked our designers to share their best organization ideas for small closets.

There are basically two types of closets: one that you can walk into and one that you can’t. Reach-in closets are the ones you can’t stroll into and they’re the most common type of closets built. They usually have some kind of door, sliding or swinging, and are designed to be grab-and-go, which means everything is supposed to be laid out, so you can see where everything is stored.

Most reach-in closets only have a single hanging rod and shelf above it, so in order to maximize the space, it’s best to add a custom closet system made up of multiple rods, shelves, cabinets and other storage elements to utilize every inch of space. Often the closets in kid’s rooms waste the most space because children don’t generally have a large amounts of clothing that requires hanging. 

Organization Ideas for Reach-In Closets

1. Turn shelves into drawers. Drawers that pull out allow you to pack away clothes than don't need to hang like jeans or workout clothes.

2. Utilize Hooks. Instead of wasting precious rod space for things like ties, purses or scarves, add hooks or a peg board to a side wall so they are on display and easy to grab.

3. Install drawer separators. These are great for organizing things like shoes, ties or other accessories.

4. Raise the rod and add shelves. Cube storage units help to control the clutter by allowing everything to have its place. These are especially useful in kids closets. 

5. Add a shoe rack. It can be tempting to throw shoes into a line on the floor of your central Virginia closet; however, you should stack your shoes on a small rack to make use of the vertical space as well. 

6. Light up the area. A custom closet system from Charlottesville Closets can include things like LED rods, baseboard lighting or under shelf lights to light up those dark corners and make every inch of space usable.

7. Utilize door hooks to add more space. The back of your closet door is also a great place to add more hooks. A door rack keeps items like your robe or jackets readily accessible.

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