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Many central Virginia home owners are looking for ways to have a more organized closet. Whether it's lack of space or not making the best use of the space you have, your closet might be the most disorganized space in your home. Why? Part of the issue is that in many cases, two people are sharing the space. Another potential pitfall is that you might tend to store things that don't necessarily belong in a closet. And finally, without the right closet organization accessories, it is a difficult task to find a place for everything. If you are struggling with closet disorganization, read on for tips on getting your walk-in closet whipped into shape.

The first step to a more organized closet is deciding what belongs there. Go through the items one by one, deciding whether or not they need to be stored in the space. If you have things that you don't need or want anymore, put them in a box to go to the thrift shop as soon as you are done. For items that you want to keep in a place other than your closet, you might want to consider shelving in the garage or even a custom garage storage system.

How to Create a More Organized Closet

1. Change your hanging rod configuration. Most walk-in closets come with two hanging rods that are five or six feet off of the ground running parallel to one another down the sides of the closet. This might work for you, but more often, another configuration would work better. There are a lot of options available and a Charlottesville Closets designer will be able to help you make the right choice.

- If you wear a lot of separates, double-hung clothing rods can allow you to hang tops from the top rod and bottoms from the bottom rod, which is placed about three feet lower than the top rod. This effectively doubles your hanging space on one side of the closet.
- If you tend to wear knee-length dresses, you might prefer one rod placed about four feet off of the floor with a shelf or two above that. Or place the one rod six feet above the floor with a shelf or two underneath.
- You might decide that one side of the closet should be dedicated to hanging rods while the other side is filled with drawers or shelves.

2. Add a shoe organizer. Some people have a dozen pairs of shoes, and some have a fifty or more. The way you store yours depends on how many you have, the types of shoes you have, and how often you wear each pair. If you only wear five or six pairs regularly, for example, you might choose to have only those out on a rack while the rest of your collection stays in boxes on a shelf to keep them free from dust. On the other hand, if you wear a lot of different shoes over the course of a month, you might rather have them all easily accessible. Charlottesville Closets, offers shoe racks and storage solutions for any size closet and any size shoe collection. Talk to your designer about what might be the right one for you.

3. Create a place for storing accessories. Most people at least occasionally wear ties, scarves, jewelry, hair accessories, hats, and purses. A variety of drawers, shelves with bins, hooks, belt and tie racks, and even a jewelry tray will keep your master bedroom closet neat and tidy. Once you get the hanging rods and shoe racks situated, you'll be surprised at how much room you will have leftover for closet accessories.
4. Make it personal. Consider adding some unique touches that make your custom closet a dream closet. These special touches that might not be part of the typical closet can certainly make your life easier and a bit more enjoyable:

- Closet cabinets. Picture a row of cabinets with finished or glass fronts that keep your hats, purses, or even shoes free from dust even if you don't use them frequently.
- An island. Imagine a small island in the center of your closet, giving you drawers and a flat surface that you can use for just about anything. You could even arrange to have a charging dock set up so you can keep your devices charged up and out of the way.
- Valet rods. Pull-out rods allow you to put aside fully assembled outfits so you will be ready to simply grab and go in the mornings.
- Pull-out mirror. If you don't have the wall space for a mirror in the closet, consider one that pulls out. You can check your outfit before easily tucking it back into place.

If you are in the market for a custom walk-in closet to keep yourself more organized, contact Charlottesville Closets to schedule your free in-home consultation appointment.

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